Fly Fishers' Republic


November 7, 2012

by Raif Killips


Over time our average age has increased. In many ways public health has improved. However, by law of averages amongst the contributors to this website at least 6 will at some point in their lifetime suffer with cancer. Amongst men the most likely occurrence will be prostate or testicular cancer. I for one have had one family friend and three family members suffer one of these conditions. Some were lucky enough to get early diagnosis, but not all were so fortunate.

OK. You’ve heard this all before. Fine. I’m saying it again. Health is easily taken for granted, overlooked. But simple awareness, self-awareness, is important. Anything that draws attention to the fact gets my support.

In November each year many men specially grow moustaches, raising money for, and awareness of men’s health. The charity Movember leads this movement with a focus on prostate and testicular cancer.

By the rules, it’s too late for me to grow a tach this year. I’ve a beard already. But I wanted to give my support by posting this and to give the thumbs up to all those Mo Bros and Mo Sistas out there. Watch this video and give your support to Mo Bros and Sistas.