Fly Fishers' Republic


June 2, 2009

by Raif Killips


It was once so costly that submersible camera equipment used to be used only by researchers, professional photographers and publishers. Manufacturers have produced various workarounds to make underwater photography affordable for amateurs and enthusiasts. Plastic envelopes from companies like Aquapac and dedicated submersible camera housings from the big camera brands have all helped, but don’t really serve well – they’re all a bit cumbersome and after a little use soon start to impair camera optics.

Now it seems technology has moved along. Submersible cameras are taking a firm, if slow, hold in the ‘compact’ market. Canon’s new PowerShot D10 at £379 RRP seems like a viable option but what quality of image does it output? Everyone has blogged the brand hype, “Great for surfers and scuba divers”, but where’s the evidence – Not even DPReview has any shots, does it!?