Fly Fishers' Republic

Trout v Bass

February 22, 2007

by Raif Killips

Trout v Bass - American Gothic

Anyone got any more fishing-meets-art sendups? I was just reading a post at Steelhead Diaries and the illustration there set me off.

Several years ago art parodies were brought to my attention during a lecture given by an Art History professor at Eastern Illinois University. Prof McRoberts had a curious sense of humour and a preoccupation with red Mustangs, but most of all he had a fascination with Design of the early and mid 1900s, and the art of the Social Realist movement. He especially liked artists Grant Wood and Edward Hopper. At one point in the lecture either he or a student brought into conversation the matter of the 1980s version of American Gothic with Kermit and Miss Piggy. Years later The Muppet American Gothic came to mind during a forum discussion, something about ‘Trout v Bass’ (“As if it that was something to contest – I’ll fish for anything with a fly!”) I came up with my own version of Wood’s great picture. Not so much a parody, but more of a satire I guess.