Fly Fishers' Republic


August 20, 2007

by Raif Killips




The Glo-bug is one of a number of egg-flies designed to imitate fish roe. This pattern is effective in targetting resident river trout, migratory trout and salmon, or any other fish that feed on the stray ova washed away in the current as other breeding fish spawn on the redds upstream.

How to fish:

Fish a Glo-bug in the current downstream of spawning fish. To avoid snagging fish, be careful not to fish through the spawners themselves. Use a dead-drift presentation holding the fly close to the bottom with split shot below a large buoyant indicator. If you don’t like fishing a ‘bobber’ try using a tight line or czech nymph style presentation. It’s crucial the pattern is presented very close to the bottom. In fact the fly should tick bottom as it moves through a run – expect to snag bottom occasionally – if you don’t then your fly isn’t fishing properly.


The Glo-bug originates from The Bug Shop, Anderson, California.