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Holschlag Hackle Fly

July 18, 2006

by Raif Killips

Holschlag Hackle Fly



The Holschlag Hackle Fly (HHF) was created for smallmouth bass for which it’s originator has used it with great success since the 1990s.

How to fish:

The HHF should be hopped along the bottom with a pull and pause retrieve. This is aided by fishing the fly under a strike indicator and by using a level leader.

Further Reading:

Smallmouth Fly Fishing, The Best Techniques, Flies, and Destinations, 2006, Tim Holschlag, ISBN 0976387603. Preview hereSupernormal Stimuli.

Tim Holschlag, on Super Sized Smallmouth.


Over all, the fly should measure 21/2 inches long. Combine a black body and tail with yellow or white legs. Also a dark green body with black tail and hackle, and yellow legs will work. Chenilles containing reflective light refracting material can be effective. The rubber legs must flex even in moderate current, so don't go too heavy with your choice of material. Alter the weight of the eyes for different water current.