Fly Fishers' Republic


September 20, 2006

by Raif Killips




This is a popular derivation of the woolly bugger. Designed by Scotland’s fly-fishing team member, David Downie, for fishing Loch Leven for trout. Will work for any species that respond to streamer patterns, and known to be effective in some circumstances where fish are feeding on small baitfish.

How to fish:

Fished with a strip retrieve on a floating, intermediate, sink tip, or full sinking line.


According to David Downie the pattern was originally dressed two ways: either with a flat gold Flashabou tail, gold chenille body and gold oval rib, or the same recipe with silver replacing gold. The illustrated fly has a gold and yellow chenille body, which like many Woolly Bugger variations has proven very effective. “The hackle I use is almost white with a touch of cree type colours. It is actually called chinchilla.” David specifically suggests using Chinese cock feathers – they were the cheap ones once!


The bead chain eyes are tied on the top of the hook causing the pattern to swim inverted - shiny side up!