Fly Fishers' Republic

Estaz Worm

February 20, 2007

by Raif Killips

Estaz Worm



The ‘worm’ flies were developed to help fly fishers emulate soft worm angling techniques for catching largemouth and smallmouth bass.

How to fish:

You can fish this pattern at any depth on full floating, through intermediate, to heavy sinking fly-lines. It works well on the drop, fished sink and draw, and also works well twitched slowly over and through weed beds and flats.

Further reading:

Hot Bass Flies Patterns & Tactics from the Experts, 2003, Deke Meyer, Frank Amato Publications, ISBN 1-57188-285-5 (softbound), ISBN 1-57188-286-3 (spiral hardbound).


The body is made by furling Estaz. The basic principle for a furled body is explained in the tying section.


The best colour variations are chartreuse, purple, peacock green. You can add lead wire under the body to sink the pattern faster.