Fly Fishers' Republic

Thunder Fry

November 23, 2007

by Raif Killips

Thunder Fry



This baitfish pattern will work on river or stillwater for any species feeding on fry. The pattern is especially useful for spooky fish coralling baitfish in shallow water.

How to fish:

Fish on a floating line with a long leader. Cast into area of feeding activity and retrieve with a twitch and pull, or a slow hand twist.


A strand or two of Mirror Flash can be caught in either side of the mink strip.


First brought to public attention when Fly-Fishing & Fly-Tying magazine published an article by Charles Jardine in January 2006. This variation on Dave Barker's Minkie was designed and tied by Dan Regan. The palmered hackle was incorporated so the fly would drop quietly on the water and then sink very slowly. This was to avoid spooking the fish and to keep the fly in the feeding zone.