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Classic 444 – Clear Creek

December 5, 2006


Classic 444 – Clear Creek

The is Cortland line’s extra long, supple tip allows a “natural fly presentation,” giving an eerie sensation as it almost hovers, before resting on the water. This anti-splash characteristic takes some getting used to. The line is very supple and slick with a nice base olive finish, it floats high and lies straight. It is ideal for catch and release fisheries where returned trout can become very wary, and is also ideal for use in ultra clear water streams. The Clear Creek is a fantastic choice for delicate presentation on rivers and light stillwater fishing.

The line tested is 30 yards, a WF-5-F, with a recommended retail price £42.95 ($46/€67). The 444 Clear Creek Taper range is 1-6 weight.


Model: Clear Creek WF-5

Cost: £42.95 ($46/€67)