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Fishing Wales Guide



If you haven’t already got a taste for fishing in Wales, this free guide, produced by Visit Wales and Environment Agency Wales, might change matters. The articles and information it contains go a long way to putting you on some fine fishing, frequently in some of the most beautiful settings Britain has to offer. If you haven’t visited Wales or taken an opportunity to fish its lakes, rivers, and coastline, just a glance through the Fishing Wales guide will show you what you’ve been missing.

Of course, it’s easy to fish home waters, or perhaps travel a couple of hours to a venue, but further than that requires a certain amount of planning, the time and cost of which combine to form a significant barrier to our venturing to waters new. For those whom Wales presents destination fishing opportunities, the Fishing Wales brochure provides a single informative and genuinely useful point of reference – a simple guide to fishing, venues, tackle shops, accommodation, tourist information, and fishing law. And to help you refine your plans for fishing and other activities, the brochure contains web links where you can order additional guides, and source information on alternative outdoor pursuits, and specific regional resources. Starting with this guide you’ll find fly-fishing to suit most peoples needs.

To wet the fly fisher’s appetite there are articles from England International, Simon Kidd, Usk Wild Trout; Coch-y-Bonddu publisher, Paul Morgan, Saltwater Flyfishing; marine and freshwater biologist, Ceri Thomas, Essential Flies; AAPGAI secretary and guide, Illtyd Griffiths, Tips for Sea Trout in the Dark; and competition angler and Airflo sales director, Gareth Jones, Top Ten Stillwaters. Fishing Wales also contains useful course and sea fishing articles by well known UK angling writers John Wilson, Chris Thomas, Dave Lewis, Nige Williams, Martin Bowler, and Dave Mee. When you’ve read one or two of these, you may well find yourself reaching for a map and disregarding the diary! A couple of historical pieces by Moc Morgan, and Sandy Leventon help set the scene.

Now I have to admit, finally, that I have a little Welsh blood in my veins and there’s a chance I’ve a bias toward Wales and what it has to offer, but I think when you see a copy for yourself you’ll agree this is a quality publication with some genuinely tempting opportunities.

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