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GT - A Flyfisher's Guide to Giant Trevally

December 1 2016

by George Titley

Pocket Guide to Balsam Bashing

As a trusted friend & fellow fisherman of the author, I suggest to you that this opening sentence and quotation should ring sirens amongst fly fishermen who seek the ultimate adventure outside of the usual domestic format in the UK. That said, changing your life through catching a GT depends on what stage in life you are at. It requires travel and with that usually comes adventure. If done properly you find yourself in a home away from home with friends you could never meet elsewhere who share a complete understanding of how great our sport can be.

I met Peter at a presentation he gave at Robjents in Stockbridge and we both recognised a few niceties with one another. He instilled an impression on me which still purrs comfortably throughout. I had only just taken up flyfishing, which lay grounds apparently in my ex-wife's petition for divorce and when that commenced I was somewhat at a loose end when it came to holidays; well the rest is history and I now sleep huddled up to my fishing tackle which has a far greater appeal than I ever imagined, wondering where the next adventure may take me. My point being that having read GT, I realise how lucky I have been to have spent time and fished with many of the key people that are a part of this book which has been written.

Now, we are all too aware that anyone could write a book and many can orchestrate something fictional. I do not believe this is that, by any means. I read this book with a critical intent whilst on holiday, hundreds of miles from any river with my two wonderful children; so I was in the mood to take myself back to the flats by way of GT. I genuinely feel, through what I have been lucky enough to experience, that there is no other more transparent and accurate material available. The book has been well researched and is up to date in todays fishing climate and will act well as a bible to someone that has yet to experience even sighting a GT.

I rate the way this introduction to the reader is made to GT fishing. It is very easy reading, easily realised for those who have yet to experience the salt, yet precise without complication. Having seen it first hand, the book seriously gets my heartrate jumping. Quotes like "pushing your tackle to destruction” and “the fish planes up in the water like a submarine blowing its ballast tanks" should be enough until you realise that "there is nothing that will prepare you for the speed with which GT's move, like a jet fighter kicking in an after burner". Some people have heard about this strange form of endurance fishing, but to the read the book one feels like you are experiencing it first-hand.

The other aspect of the book which should be appreciated is that it isn't solely dedicated to the authors own view and opinion. The second half of the book is dedicated to the destinations this species can be found by way of collated self-written short stories and introductions by some of the most well recognised fishing guides in the world. Having been privileged to have met a few of them, I can only smile as I read their text as I hear their passion in the way they write; they're not pen pushers or established authors, but they sure as hell know how to catch fish. It's enchanting to hear how a man who has guided all his life can describe the passion he experiences into text. If one takes the leap the reader may benefit from meeting one or two of the individuals who have contributed to the author's work.

The photography is pretty intense too but it never will do justice to the experience. The author at times does look slightly like Errol Flyn, but rather than carrying a bow with arrows he is armed to the hilt with rods and flies, but rather than robbing from the rich he will always release everything!

The author has been scrupulous in ensuring that everything detailed within has been proofed and seconded by the most heavyweight individuals in the flyfishing community. That said there is nothing that has been overseen. Therefore should you be lucky enough to read it and you're fit and game enough, there’s a very good chance you'll hunt a GT and experience it for yourself.


Author: Peter McLeod
ISBN: 978 1 910723 33 3
Published: September 2016
Format: 246 x 189mm
Binding: Jacketed Hardback
No. of pages: 224
Illustrations:colour throughout
Price: £30.00


Farlows, London, UK
Urban Angler, New York, USA
Mavungana, Johannesburg, SA