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Overboard waterproof back-pack

May 13, 2008

by Raif Killips

Overboard waterproof back-pack

If ever you’ve reached out your daypack a dripping camera, a wet fly box, or a soggy sandwich, you just might appreciate this offering from OverBoard. A couple months back the magazine contacted OverBoard to get a closer look at their Premium 100% Waterproof Backpack. The pack duly arrived and I’ve since tested it in heavy rain and high water!

This is their 25 litre pack, ideal for the full day trip, carrying food, fishing gear, camera, waterproof jacket, and a change of clothes. If you like to travel lighter you may prefer the company’s Premium 20 litre pack. Personally, I do a lot of bushwhacking and deep wading. Add to that casting from an open top canoe and you’ll see I’ve to allow for a number of eventualities - the 25 litre pack has it covered.

So, let me talk specifications… These backpacks have a roll-top closure, adjustable ergonomic shoulder straps, secondary top tensioning straps (these help keep the pack close to your body), padded back panel (low sweat design), padded waist belt and adjustable chest strap. The packs have two mesh outer pockets, one at right and left, an elastic cord web at the front, and one large interior zippered pocket within the main compartment (ideal for nic-nacs you want to separate from the rest of your gear). The roll-top can be secured at the sides using the provided clip down straps, or at the top (as illustrated). Both the Premium 20 and 25 litre packs have a waterproof rating of 3, that is, to quote OverBoard:

“Class 3 – Waterproof so tight it floats or can handle quick submersions. The product could be permeated by water in any of the following applications: prolonged submersion, submersions greater than 3 feet in depth, high water pressure applications”

In other words, the pack could be stood in a puddle under heavy rain all day and it would never take on water. When dipped half way up the gunwales it still remains dry inside. And if you should be so unlucky as to take a dip while wading or be subject to a capsize, then your stuff will still remain dry.

Loaded with all my gear the pack remains comfortable throughout the fishing day. On numerous occasions I’ve managed to wade deep enough to dunk the bottom of the pack for several minutes in running water. I also encountered torrential rain – no surprise there, this is England after all! Through it all, as promised, my stuff remained bone dry and clean. I slapped the pack down in the river for the main photograph just to prove the point. OverBoard’s backpack is constructed from mid to heavy duty materials using a unique high frequency welding process that creates a robust product. After my initial testing I am only too happy to recommend this backpack.


£34.99 (25 litre), £29.99 (20 litre) (by PayPal, UK and Overseas)


Dimensions: 25 ltr model is 49cm x 34cm x 16cm (19.5" x 13.5" x 6.5") the 20 ltr model measures 43cm x 24cm x 16cm (17" x 9.5" x 6.5")
Colour Options: 25 ltr model - all black(illustrated) or black and red. 20ltr model - black and yellow or black and blue.


You can purchase the Waterproof backpacks via OverBoard's website or from selected retailers in the UK.