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Sage 2500 Series Drag Reels

May 3, 2006

by Tony Edwards

Sage 2500 Series Drag Reel

The 2500 series are lightweight large arbour reels. They’re made from hard anodized, aerospace grade aluminium and are approximately twenty percent lighter (Sage spec.) than their equivalent sized 3000D counterparts. In the hand this weight reduction is quite discernable. The reel has a pewter coloured finish with a black cage incorporating offset 3:1 gear reduction graphite drag. This is calibrated 1 to 10 for smooth reliable operation. Each reel is supplied with a black neoprene case. These reels are built to fine tolerances with a satisfyingly high standard of finish.

When first handling one of these reels you’ll notice there is no obvious spool release. Rather than employing a sprung catch or screw mechanism the spool is push fit. To remove the spool turn the reel face down, then hold by the fingers and thumbs, press forward lightly – the spool will disengage revealing the self lubricating drive gear.

The 2550 is meant for a 5/6 line. It properly holds a WF-5-F and 100yards of the designated 20lb backing. It’s listed weight is 4 3/4 oz (135g), and diameter 3 5/8inch (92mm). This model retails at £215 ($320/€313). £205 – £245 ($295/€298 – $370/€356) covers the full range.

If you’re looking for a reel that will help tame the most aggressive trout and will also deal with light saltwater applications, this is a great solution. The unusual design of teeth on the inside of the spool, moving around the drag gear, has aesthetic appeal that combined with light weight make this a superb choice in the price bracket.


Model tested: Sage 2550
Weight: 4 3/4oz
Diameter: 3 5/8"
Line: 5-6
Capacity: WF-5-F + 100yards 20lb backing.


£215 ($320/€313)