Fly Fishers' Republic

Mojo’s Big Catch

November 21, 2008

by Kevin Cornell

Mojo’s Big Catch

The Universality of Fishing

I’ve only fished a handful of times in my life, most of those experiences taking place in my pre-adolescent years. In these early fishing trips, I rarely used live bait — instead, I relied on expensive synthetic scents, and the use of loud, obnoxiously-colored lures to grab attention. As I entered my teenage years, the desire to catch fish was replaced by the desire to catch girls, girls being (theoretically) warmer to the touch, and able to walk on land. Though my goals were quite different, I was still able to apply a lot of those same fishing principles in my quest to meet a young lady; bathing myself in about 50 gallons of Drakkar Noir, and providing loud, obnoxiously-colored commentary to grab attention.

In both cases nothing ended up being mounted.

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