Fly Fishers' Republic

Hinged Body

June 5, 2006

by Raif Killips

Hinged Body

Tying instructions:

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Stage 1

1. First tie the body of your chosen pattern on a straight eyed hook. Use a drop of varnish on the underlying thread wraps at the tail of the body section for durability.

Stage 2

2. Next use pliers with side cutters to remove the point and bend of the hook.

Stage 3

3. Make the cut just short of the materials.

Stage 4

4. You’ll end up with something like this.

Stage 5

5. Connect the body section to the front section of the pattern with a nylon loop.

Stage 6

6. Tie the remainder of the fly including a tuft of material to mask the hinge joint. A material like marabou works well without impeding the pattern’s action.

Another way to produce the hinge is to use wire trace leader material. Alternatively, you can use a loop of strong tying thread – this is the least durable but potentially most ‘mobile’ solution.